Free EQ Cheat Sheet from Music Guy Mixing Now Available

EQ is one of the most important effects/plugins to master in your mixing. It gives you the ability to sculpt the tone of your audio in every track of your mix. It also creates space for every track in your mix so that it fits together sonically. With all of that in mind, I’ve put together the ULTIMATE EQ Cheat Sheet and am giving it away for free!

Free EQ Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate EQ Cheat Sheet is an 80 page free EQ cheat sheet I put together which offers cheat sheets on every relevant instrument you’ll be EQing in your mix.

eq cheat sheet

Every individual cheat sheet features a detailed graphic breaking down every single important frequency range for that instrument.

It tells you where to try boosting or cutting, depending on how your track sounds coming into it. More importantly, it explains what effect cutting or boosting in each frequency range will do for that instrument.

If your track is sounding thin, hollow, boomy, boxy, harsh, you name it, the individual cheat sheet(s) will tell you what to do.

My cheat sheet even features a giant graphic which combines everything into one complete image so that you can have a detailed EQ breakdown of every track in your mix at a glance!

There’s even detailed information on types of EQ and their settings as well as the various EQ filters. Nothing is left uncovered in this comprehensive free EQ guide.

The only cheat sheet you’ll ever need, grab my definitive EQ cheat sheet now for free and never wonder where to cut or boost again!

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