Mixing FAQ

Consult this mixing FAQ page for answers to questions I commonly get regarding mixing.

Who Are You?

My name is Tony, better known as The Music Guy, and I have been mixing for artists around the world of all sizes for 10 years. I have mixed audio for artists in pop, rock, rap, country, R&B, metal, instrumentals/film scores, and many other genres.

I also record/produce other artists, provide song mastering services for other artists, and have been writing and recording my own music for years under a different of names and genres.

In my salad days I worked with a number of producers such as Paul Leavitt before I got my first DAW in 2006 and began home recording and producing everything myself, learning everything I could about professional audio production along the way.

How Much Do You Charge for Mixing?

My current rates can be found in the song mixing rates section. All mixes come with a courtesy mastered version, as well, so your music will be completely ready for release once finished.

How Do I Send You My Set/Tracks?

Importing sets between different DAWs rarely works successfully. Therefore I accept individual tracks/stems of each song you’d like mixed, bounced from the start of the set.

Artists are advised to bounce every track from each song/set in their DAW in 24 bit WAV or AIFF format.

Here is a quick but complete overview on how to submit your stems to the mixing engineer (me) for mixing:

Every track should be bounced starting at the same start time/time-stamp.

So for example if you have a vocal which doesn’t come in until the last few seconds of the song, you should still send me a full bounced track from the beginning of the song. This means you’ll be sending me a long, silent track which doesn’t have any audio until the very end.

I ask for this so that I can align everything properly at the same start time so everything plays in the song at the proper time.

This video (coming soon) will illustrate how to do this properly so that you’ll be able to send me all of the files I need to put together a great sounding mix for you.

I have all artists send me their tracks to be mixed in a compressed/zipped folder via WeTransfer; a free and secure online file upload and transfer service, with tony@musicguymixing.com as the recipient address.

Where Are You Located?

Music Guy Mixing is located in Middletown, MD, less than an hour from Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD.

Can I Sit In on the Session If I’m Local?

Music Guy Mixing does not allow artists to sit in on sessions. This is in order to achieve a better final mix and keep mixing rates down for you.

If you’re not satisfied with the finished mix I send to you, you can request an edit with any notes you have.

I will not finish your project until you are completely satisfied – that’s the Music Guy guarantee.