The Ultimate Compression Cheat Sheet

After mixing audio professionally for 15+ years, I’ve finally put together a detailed guide dedicated entirely to audio compression – The Ultimate Compression Cheat Sheet.

This compression cheat sheet explains everything you need to know about the types and settings of compressors, but most importantly it contains detailed graphics displaying the perfect compression settings for every single instrument in your mix.

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At over 100 pages, it features information on the various types of compressors and their settings, but most importantly it breaks down every single instrument in your mix.

Here’s a look at The Ultimate Compression Cheat Sheet’s table of contents for a snapshot of the things I cover:

In addition to a macro compression cheat sheet showing an overview snapshot of every single instrument which you can refer to at a glance as you’re mixing, in depth compression tutorials are featured for every major instrument.

This includes an image showing the ideal settings for that instrument as well as a detailed section dedicated to each individual parameter of Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Knee, Release, and more, each with a specific image and information detailing why I recommend setting that parameter where I do and the effect it has on that instrument’s sound.

I also cover how to use specific types of compression, including limiting, sidechain, parallel, multiband, and serial compression, and much more in your mix.

Grab The Ultimate Compression Cheat Sheet from Music Guy Mixing for free above and never wonder how to set up your compressor again!