MusicGuyMixing.com is the virtual address for the online song mixing services of Music Guy Mixing.

Music Guy Mixing is committed to delivering quality and professional song mixing for artists around the world at affordable prices. Every project is carried out by me, the Music Guy himself, Tony, to meet and exceed the expectations of the artist.

Note that Music Guy Mixing does not offer “sit in” sessions, meaning artists cannot sit in and watch/listen while I work.

This is mostly due to the fact that these sessions can run long and having the artist in the studio distracts and I believe ultimately takes away from achieving the best possible result.

That being said, all artists are entitled to as many edits as they wish to the final mix if the song isn’t everything they wanted and more when it is returned to them in final mixed form.

So if you don’t like that effect I put on the bridge vocal as an example, then I’ll offer something else or remove it entirely.

If you’re interested in having me mixing an individual song or an entire EP or LP of yours, contact me at tony@musicguymixing.com. or you can learn more over at the