Song Mixing Samples

Here are song mixing samples (unmixed and Music Guy Mixing) so that you can hear the before and after difference.

Unmixed (This is the unmixed version of One and One. Note that there is no processing on any of the tracks and basic level placements which were set during the recording of the song):

Music Guy Mixed Version (This is the Music Guy Mixing mixed version of One and One, mixed by Tony. Levels have been properly set. Processing such as automation, compression, and equalization was utilized to give the mix energy and cohesiveness):

Music Guy Mixed + Mastered Version (I also offer song mastering services, as well. This is the Music Guy Mixing mixed version of One and One, mastered by Tony. The final mix was tweaked with a bit of EQ, saturation, dynamics adjusting, and stereo imaging. Additionally, the overall volume of the mix was boosted to play nicely alongside other commercial and top 40 masters.

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Note that Music Guy Mixing clients also receive a courtesy professional master of their completely mix from Music Guy Mastering, free of charge: