Privacy Policy

Hello, I just wanted to use this page to share the “Privacy Policy” of

Essentially the message is that I do not collect anything from you when you visit this website.

The sole exception is if you sign up my email list – which I’ve named “The Mixed Bunch”.

In order to receive emails from me, you need to give me your first name and email address.

If you do happen to sign up for my email list, I DO NOT SHARE either your email address or first name with anyone, ever.

I take your privacy as seriously as I do mine.

I use your email address with the sole and express purpose of sending you daily mix tips. That is all.

One more time to reiterate: if you have given me your first name and email address by signing up for my email list, I will NEVER share this information with anyone and this information is exclusively used to send you emails which you have opted into receiving.

Also note that every email which I send has a link at the bottom giving you the option to unsubscribe at anytime.

Outside of that I collect nothing from you; and that one exception is only in the event that you willingly share those two details by signing up for my email list.

Thank you for taking the time to read the privacy policy for!