Song Mixing 20% Off Sale!

Song mixing services (with free song mastering) from Music Guy Mixing are currently at a 20% Discount. That’s right, individual song mixing right now is just $80 PER SONG MIX AND MASTER COMBINED! This sale ends in September, so take advantage now to save 20% per song!

What is Music Guy Mixing?

Music Guy Mixing offers 10 years of experience in song mixing services and every project is handled personally by Tony, the “Music Guy” himself!

Check out my online mixing rates for more information and be sure to csong mixingheck out my mixing FAQ section, as well, for instructions on how to submit your stems to me/learn what I need from you in order to hand you over the best possible final mix.

You can also check out before and after versions of music on the audio mixing samples page which I have mixed to get a better idea of how much better your music could be sounding in the capable hands of Music Guy Mixing.

Contact me to get started today.

Interested in audio mastering services? Every mix from Music Guy Mixing comes with a complimentary professional master, as well, to ensure that your music is radio ready when all is said and done.

What is Online Audio Mixing?

Online audio mixing is the step in audio production immediately following the finished recording phase.

Audio mixing services entails:

  • Setting track levels to get the perfect balance between all of the tracks making up the song. Setting and forgetting the volume for a track is never Music Guy’s philosophy. Volume automation is an important part of achieving the proper mix as the ideal volume for an individual track can vary throughout the mixing process.
  • Aesthetic effects are added as per the mixer or artist’s preference in order to achieve a more pleasing/interesting/professional sound overall.
  • Removing any unwanted sounds or noise from a song.
  • Ensuring that your final mix sounds great across all sound systems.

There is a lot more detail in what goes into online audio mixing, but in short, the audio mixing engineer is responsible for taking the individual tracks and making the best possible representation of all of them put together.

It takes your individual tracks and turns them into the song as it was meant to be heard, always serving the song first and above all else.

What Sets Music Guy Mixing Apart?

Rates – My song mixing rates are transparent and affordable for most DIY artists on a budget. Other engineers are charging $500 a song or charge by expensive and opened ended hourly rates. But with Music Guy Mixing you know what you are getting ahead of time.

A final rate is agreed upon at the start, and that’s exactly what the artist is charged.

Experience – I have 10 years of experience in song mixing in all genres for artists large and small the world over.

Quality – The quality speaks for itself. I will work with you to ensure that your mix is exactly where you want it before the project is finished.